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Steve White

Steve White

Mortgage Agent

ON LIC# 10530
Languages Spoken: English

About Me

About Me

Born into a middle class family with both parents at work I spent most of my life without any financial skills. In fact, it wasn’t until the birth of my daughter and a $21,300 credit card bill showed in the mail that I broke down and did my first budget. The realization that I was 45 days away from bankruptcy and the guilt of bringing a baby into the world saddled with overwhelming debt drove me to the library to find a solution to my problems.

A year and a half later and dozens of books later, I was almost debt free and had almost saved enough money for a down payment on my first house.

There is a well known secret to money and once I understood how it worked I realized it was something I wanted to help others with. Armed with my mortgage agent license, understanding of how to grow wealth and a desire to help others I walked away from a career in the news industry.

Today I help everyday Canadians use their home to build wealth for themselves and their families while enjoying the view along the way and making the world a better place. With the help of my clients I’m able to donate thousands of dollars to help charities and non-profits in health, poverty and animal welfare.

Getting you the Right Mortgage means that I take the time to understand your situation and your needs, and use my expertise and knowledge to help you make the Right Mortgage decision. There are hundreds of different mortgage products out there - and the choices you make could save you thousands of dollars and take years off your mortgage - low rates are just a small part of a great mortgage.

Choice - of over 60 lenders, from major banks to private sources.
Convenience - with one place to compare lenders and get the Right Mortgage for your needs.
Counsel - from an independent professional who works for you.

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