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Brock Frost

Mortgage Broker

Lic # 10530


(613) 316-8740
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About Me

About Me

Robert Brock Frost is a registered Real Estate Broker with Re/Max Core Realty in addition to be a licensed Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Alliance Canada.  He is an avid real estate investor, private lender and a passionate world traveler. He is fluent in English and Spanish and can correspond in French as well.


The majority of clients who work with Frost are real estate investors or individuals who are seeking uncoventional means of mortgage financing. Due to his personal experience in real estate investing and the fact that he holds dual licenses, Frost is in a rare and unique position to complete creative deals for his clients.

The first step is always to meet with the client to assess the purchasing capacity and develop a strategic financial plan. From there, Frost can determine what type of investments or purchases may be possible or beneficial for the individual client.


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