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About Me

About Me

Buying a home is an exciting time.  With over 15 years of financial services experience, I can help you reach your financial goal of homeownership, while taking the time to listen and understand your needs and concerns. 


As a Mortgage Broker with Mortgage Alliance, I will develop a strategy that aligns with your priorities and individual mortgage needs.  Whether you are a first time buyer, an empty nester preparing to downsize, or if you're simply looking to refinance; I have the knowledge and resources to help you put your plans in action and achieve your goals.


My partnership with multiple lenders and a strong group of engaged Real Estate Professionals, gives you access to a team that is ready to assist you in making your dream a reality.


A long time resident of Dartmouth (the beautiful City of Lakes), I am a knowledgeable member of the community, who is fully integrated into the market and growth that is taking place within our city.  If you're looking at homeownership, come chat with me...I am here to help.


  • Mortgage financing for residential purchases, new construction and refinances
  • Access to lenders; term loans for home renovations, debt consolidation, unexpected expenses or down payments
  • Cash back Mastercard by Collabria with 2% at Grocery Stores and 1% on all other qualified purchases

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