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Aces Vides

Aces Vides

Mortgage Agent

ON LIC# 10530
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

About Me

About Me

My interest in Real Estate Marketing is what first attracted me into the industry. After working alongside many realtors I found that one of the biggest challenges when it came to helping a Home Buyer was first finding out what they could afford, before starting their home search.

Getting your first mortgage can be a stressful and intimidating thing when you're doing it for the first time. You need someone who understands what your home goals are, your future goals, and what is important for you when it comes to repayment. 

Many people settle for the first thing that gets placed in front of them, but not understanding your largest investment could cost you thousands of dollars in the long term. My number one priority is ensuring that we find the right product for you and that you understand why it's the best solution for you so you can move into your new home worry free.

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