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Iqbal Janjua

Iqbal Janjua

Mortgage Agent

AKAL Mortgages Inc.

LIC# 10845
“I can find the perfect mortgage for you”
Are you tired of trying to find the best deal and never knowing where to find? Let me help you and identify your financial needs and assist you in getting a mortgage that will suit your lifestyle and financial goals. Let me do the searching, and remove the stress of finding the best financial solution for you.
As a Mortgage Agent I'm helping people get the best mortgage as per their need and helping clients to enjoy the ownership of HOME. I can help Clients in mortgage refinancing, paying of the excess costs of their existing home mortgage.With more than 35 years of combined company experience, we have had provided expert, honest and unbiased services to our client. My office is specializes in Commercial, residential mortgages & Business Loans across Canada. I will works hard to provide maximum flexibility in financing options and deliver the most competitive and innovative products and services to suit your individual needs.
As a Mortgage Consultant, I will determine your specific mortgage financing needs, negotiate with lenders on your behalf, and get you the most competitive rates. I will consult you on your credit and mortgage qualifications and help you on every step of the way to get best suitable mortgage for your need.
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June 02, 2020

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