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Edith was born in the beautiful surroundings of Quebec City, and spent her summers vacationing in Maine where she was submerged in an English environment and fortunate enough to become bilingual.

Edith moved to Ontario back in 1988. Edith has worked in sales, marketing and customer service for the last 20+ years which are essential skills that she uses in her mortgage business. Edith is passionate about helping her clients while they’re making the biggest purchase of their lives; and does not take the privilege lightly. Edith continuously furthers her education in the real estate world, so that she is up to date and can help her clients acquire their personal home, or purchase investment properties to possibly accumulate wealth for their retirement.

In Edith’s spare time, she regularly host’ webinars and a regular monthly event called: “Cash flow Gathering” at various locations across Toronto. During these events, Edith organizes and assists people to play a game called “Cashflow 101” created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. This game helps people to understand how to get out of the rat race with investing in real estate and work as a team to help one another to build wealth.

Edith looks forward to working with you and seeing your passive income and wealth increase over your future.

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Mortgage Alliance is the most recognized and trusted mortgage brokerage in Canada.


As a Mortgage Alliance professional, I have the expertise to get the Right Mortgage for your immediate and future needs. I work for you, not the banks, and provide unbiased guidance in your mortgage decision. We work with over 60 lenders (some offered exclusively through brokers) so you have the choice, convenience and great counsel that you deserve!


I love working with First Time Home Buyers and Real Estate Investors. These two types of buyers seem to be miles apart at first glance however I see a synergy and can make it work for all parties. Are you curious yet?


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May 25, 2020

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